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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Mark Hendricks Internet Success System

It is only 5 days into the New Year and there is still plenty of
time to make resolutions.

Perhaps one of your goals for 2007 is to get more Internet
marketing training and attend more off-line marketing events. That
was one of my goals last year, and accomplishing it has made a huge
difference in my business.

One of the smartest things I did last year was to purchase Mark
Hendricks' Internet Success System home study course and to attend
his live mastermind event in Atlanta in October. Mark's common
sense, step-by-step approach to building a successful business is
the best training of its kind I have found. And his live workshop
style events (held twice a year) are great way for graduates of his
course to get together to network and help each other grow our

I'm writing today, because Mark just informed me that he has
lowered the price on his complete package which includes the home
study course, many bonuses and admission to his next four-day event
in Orlando in March 2007. I will be attending and would like you to
experience this great mastermind as well. This package is worth
many times its price tag even without the discount, but if you want
to save some money you do need to act soon.

This type of intense training and networking is not for everyone,
but it might be just what you need to jump start your business in
2007. Please visit the link below to learn more about the Internet
success system. I hope to see you in March at what is sure to be a
fantastic event.

Click Here to Take the First Step to Changing Your Life

Don't let this opportunity slip away. It takes
action to be successful and I honestly feel that this is the kind
of action that will really make a difference in your life.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Big List of Traffic Exchanges

Here is a big list of TrafficExchanges where you can vote for your favorite, join the best, or add your affilaite link to your favorite traffic exchange.

The Best Traffic Exchanges

December Site Viewing Bonus Ends Soon!

December TrafficRoundup Site Viewing Bonus Ends Soon!
We are offering you a lot of bonus site views this month and they are soooo easy to get.

For December we are offering bonus hits to ALL members who visit at least 1000 sites for the month. That's easy enough, right? Just view 1000 sites on Roundup and get free bonus hits to your account.

Here's how many you get:

- free members earn an extra 100 bonus hits for viewing 1000 sites
- Silver members earn an extra 500 hits for viewing 1000 sites
- Gold 1000 members earn an extra 1000 hits for viewing 1000 sites

Not to bad for something you should be doing anyway, right? As a Gold member, you could earn twice as many hits as you normally would, and 6 times as many as a free member! Boy howdy!

So get busy and earn your bonus hits from TrafficRoundup - no need to wait, you can get those site views in and be good to go for extra bonus hits. Bonuses will be awarded according to your membership level on December 31st, so for the best bonus, be sure you are an upgraded member at that time.

IMPORTANT: To be able to award the bonus hits, we have to run the script to find the members who visited 1000 sites for the month on December the 31st. That is New Years Eve and admin will be spending time with friends and family over the holiday.



Friday, December 08, 2006

Be a Traffic Master in 2007

Hope you are having a great day. Hey, you want more traffic to your websites, right?

Well I found a couple resources that you are going to love. Ok, 'love' might be strong but your website will love you for the increased traffic its going to get.

The first resource is a new book that surveys dozens of ways to get traffic. This isn't the typical 'one trick pony' traffic ebooks that you probably already have on your hard drive. The title of Ross Goldberg's book is Traffic Masters 2007, and if you study the methods in this book you will be a traffic master in 2007.

Traffic Masters 2007

The next resource is two mp3 audios that you can download and listen to on your PC or your iPod. I am listening to this again right now while I type this message to you.

But first a warning! The information in these audios might be considered "black hat". That means that the techniques are aggressive, a little shady and not for everyone.

If you are a lily white, "white hat" traffic marketer, this is NOT for you. I don't want to offend anyone. But if you want to earn how to leverage the power of Web 2.0 (social networks, bookmarking
sites) to bring new traffic to your websites you will be excited to get your hands (ears) around these Web 2.0 Secrets audios.

Web 2.0 Secrets

The first 30 min audio is free, and the other, over 1 hr, is available for a small fee. Well worth it, don't pass it up.

If you really want to increase your web traffic in 2007 you need to grab these two traffic tools today.

Have a great day,
Stephen Ayer

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Lesson Learned From Watching My Daughter’s Swimming Lesson

I was at my 6 year old’s swimming lesson recently and witnessed something in the pool that I have to share with you. It made me think of the problems faced by many Internet marketers and maybe you know someone that has had these same problems.

What could possibly happen at the YMCA pool with a group of 6-7 year olds that could be related to Internet marketing? Let me tell the story.

The group of children in the swimming class was small, only 4, and most of the children were doing pretty good. They were wearing those foam ‘noodles’ and paddling the length of the pool and back. But there was one little boy that was much slower than the other three.

When the others had reached the end, this little boy was only about one third of the way. As I watched I was amazed that he was working the hardest. The three girls were making steady progress without much effort, but this one boy had his arms and leg going in all directions and splashing the water everywhere.

The instructor was staying close to him, giving him instruction and encouragement but he just kept making the biggest splashes and moving so slowly down the lane.

I thought about this on the way home and it reminded me of many people that are struggling online to have a successful business. They expend a great deal of energy doing what appears to be hard work, yet they are only making slow progress toward a goal, if any progress at all.

At the same time others appear to effortlessly glide toward a goal.

Why is that?

The poor little swimmer’s problem was that he was not using his arms and legs in a way that moved him forward. He was moving in too many directions and pretty much staying in one place. One strong kick was being cancelled out by a wild splashing of the water with an arm.

Maybe you are like this kid with your business. Always testing new opportunities and going in every direction except forward.

Sometimes just watching and mimicking someone that is successful is enough to give you traction and get you heading in the right direction.

Willie Crawford is one person that I trust to guide me in the right direction. His products are always of the highest quality and he is one of the nicest people online. Not only that, but he makes a great deal of money by taking actions that always move him closer to his goals.

Willie has recently made headlines by issuing a press release proclaiming that he would make one million dollars in ninety days. You may have heard of it. And he is sharing with his readers what he is doing to achieve this goal. One thing he has done is open a private, inner circle, membership site where he is making available some of the best information products, software and audio recordings that will help build your business.

Space is limited and may already be sold out. But I joined the other day and I must say I am very impressed with the wealth of information that he has made available. For example there is a multi-hour recording of the “Fish Tapes” that is jam packed with valuable content and insight. I honestly think that this one product is worth the full price of the membership. It would be hard to imagine that anyone could listen to the “Fish Tapes” and not agree that there are several ideas in there that you could take action on to make back many times the price of the membership. And that is just one product. I haven’t even begun to read/listen to everything yet.

I highly recommend that you go to Willie’s site right now and join before it is sold out.
Here is the link.

Stephen Ayer

Imagine if you followed Willie but achieved only 1% of his goal of earning one million in 90 days.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Internet Marketing Super-Affiliate Shares the REAL Secrets

Growing up poor on a tobacco farm in rural North Carolina, Willie Crawford had everything against him. Yet he rose up, went to college, had a successful career in the US Air Force and is now one of the leading authorities on Internet Marketing.

Willie has many secrets that have made him a success in life and he is now sharing the secrets that he feels have made him one of the Super Affiliates when it comes to online promotion.

Willie recently set a goal to make 1 million dollars in the final 3 months of 2006. Will he accomplish this goal? That is yet to be seen. But what we do know is that Willie is sharing his years of experience and revealing the real secrets that make him and other top Internet marketers a success.

Memebrship to his new private mentoring club is limited and may already be sold out. If you would like to learn more about this Internet marketin success and learn from him the real secrets (not the pretend secrets everyone else is selling) then hurry over to his website at

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Virtual Home Business Opportunity Expo

I'm speaking at the Virtual Home Business Opportunity Expo. As a speaker I can offer you a special opportunity to win free tickets (Value = $25) to attend this live 3 day event. (October 6-8) and to access the recorded seminars (I am one of more than 20 speakers)

It's a rather unique concept as it all takes place online, so there is no need to travel or phone in long distance. It's shaping as a very fun and informative event.

The Virtual Home Business Opportunity Expo:

* is an online event powered by VoIP web conferencing technology
* it's held in a 3-D Virtual Expo centre
* there are seminars, exhibitor booths and networking sessions just like at 'real world' expos
* unlike teleseminars its audio AND visual and the seminars are recorded so you can access them after the event in the library

If you are one of the first 30 people to register to create your free account at Co-OpWorld, the company powering the expo, and then send an email to with the subject line 'STEPHEN AYER', you could win one of 3 tickets (valued at $25 each) that Co-OpWorld is giving away to my contacts.

Register now (if you don't already have a Co-OpWorld account)

Click Here to Register Now!

Stephen Ayer

Thursday, September 21, 2006

About Stephen's Trip To Baltimore

Stephen Ayer went to Baltimore for a big shindig last weekend. I had a few questions for him and we'd like to share those with you.

[Bobby Ivie] You recently went to a big marketing event in Baltimore. Who put it together and what was the focus?

[Stephen Ayer] Yes, Bobby, it was The Internet Marketing Main Event II (TIMME II) hosted by Mike Filsaime and Paulie Sabol. The focus of the event was on Internet marketing, business development and marketing in general.

[BI] Do you feel that offline events are beneficial to your online business, and how so?

[SA] Definitely, I think the biggest mistake I've made with my Internet business has been not getting out and getting to these meetings sooner.

Not only do you learn a lot from the presenters, but you also find many friends who are doing things similar to what you're doing, working from home, trying to make money online, and you realize that you are not alone. There are many people with the same problems you have, and people who have solutions to your problems.

I was really amazed at how helpful everyone was. Even the so-called "gurus" are just regular people who want to help others be successful.

[BI] I'm sure you rubbed elbows with some people you already know and made friends with some of the heavy hitters of Net Marketing. Does this help you to come up with some good ideas and potential partners for Joint Ventures?

[SA] Yes, Bobby, but not only joint ventures. Now, I have friends that I know I can turn to when I have problems with certain issues; people who have expertise in areas that I don't.

I now have contacts I can use that will help me solve any problems I come across. There were several times this weekend when a conversation with somebody turned into an idea for a the new product or some kind of venture that we could work together on.

In fact, right now I have so many new ideas that there is no way I'm going to be able to act on all of them. I have new ideas for ways to grow my business, ideas for new products, new marketing ideas, etc.

[BI] Do you find that the mentality of the speakers is different than the average marketer you encounter online, and how so?

[SA] One difference is that the speakers have a much bigger vision than most Internet marketers do. Many people think small and are happy with moderate success, however, these speakers are people who have big ideas and are not content with small or moderate success.

[BI] Do you find a common thread among the successful marketers at these seminars?

[SA] Yes I do Bobby, and I don't think the common thread was in their tactics but was simply that they BELIEVED they could be successful.

Some of the presenters, like Joel Comm, are very successful at making money with AdSense. Some like Adam Ginsberg are successful at eBay, some are highly successful at marketing to their mailing list, like Gary Ambrose. But, the one thing they have all had in common is that they believe they can be highly successful.

[BI] What are some of the thoughts and ideas you brought back with you that will affect your future in Internet Marketing?

[SA] Probably the single most important thing I learned was that I need to be outsourcing more of my work. I need to treat my business like a real business with my job being the business owner and hiring people to perform the various functions. The keynote address by Rich Schfren ( an excellent presentation by Brad Fallon (, really drove this idea home.

[BI] You've had quite a few achievements yourself with your online businesses. What advice do you have for anyone who wants to make a full-time living on the Net?

[SA] Thank you Bobby, none of my achievements came easy it was only through a lot of very hard work.

My best advice? Don't try to go it alone. Find a support network or a mentor and don't be afraid to ask for help. For the first few years, online, I tried to do everything myself and when I didn't know something I tried to teach myself, instead of asking for help; a big mistake.

I would also advise anyone who is serious about a real Internet business, to make plans to attend at least one off-line Internet marketing event in the next 12 months. I know some of these events are expensive and may seem out of reach to many people, but if you really want to get to one you can find a way to pay for.

Let me tell you a little story about someone I met this weekend. His name is Ali, and he's a 16 year old kid from California, who has been working online to help bring in some extra income for his family.

Even though he was only 15 years old the time, he sought out help to find out how he could make it to this event. He's been earning affiliate commissions, by promoting Click Bank products at

So he wrote a report about it and offered it as a special offer to members of the Warrior Forum. By sharing his specialized knowledge, he was able to raise $5,000, enough to cover his ticket to the event, his airfare and hotel costs. Plus, he used the additional money to move is mother get a bigger apartment. His next goal, buy his mom a house.

His story is truly inspirational and it goes to show you that, with a little determination, anybody can achieve their goals. You just need to have a strong enough desire and the belief that you can succeed.

I am sure you are going to be hearing more about my new friend, Ali Maadelat in the future.

[BI] Very inspirational. Thanks for sharing that with us, and let's hope we can all be together at one of the great Internet marketing events soon.