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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Traffic Roundup Advertising Credits

I have received several questions recently about how the advertising credits work on Traffic Roundup (TR). While this subject may be too basic for our seasoned members, I felt it was worth going over, and hope it will help the newer members.

On Traffic Roundup you earn advertising credits by viewing other member's websites, and when members you referred to TR view member's sites. These credits accumulate in your account until you decide to spend them. The way you spend your credits is by assigning them to one, or more, of your URLs (website's addresses), or by trading them for banner advertising credits and assigning those to a banner campaign.

How do I assign credits? This is easy. Log into your TR account, click on the link for the URL Manager and then decide which URL you wish to assign credits to. Directly below the URL you have entered, is a button that says ASSIGN. Click on that button and enter the number of credits you wish to assign to that URL. For example, if you assign 100 credits to your URL your website will be shown 100 times to other TR members.

There is also a feature that allows you to "auto-assign" credits that you earn to your URLs. If you select this feature, it will only work on new credits that you earn by "surfing" (viewing other member's websites). The auto-assign feature does not work on the credit you already have, nor does it work on the bonus credits you win, or the referral credits you are given.

The "take home message" is that you need to log into your TR account ocassionally and assign your unassigned credits.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Use Common Sense

I have noticed a large number of ads for "opportunities" that are probably illegal scams.

PLEASE, investigate before you pay to join the latest "get rich" scheme.

Beware of ads claiming unreal return on your "investment", or that require you to purchase large amounts of unneeded products.

Just use a little common sense. There ARE many honest business opportunities too, you just need to investigate before you buy.

Monday, November 15, 2004

What is TrafficRoundup? is a membership site where members agree to view each others sites (ads) and in turn, their sites are viewed by other members.

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