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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Traffic Roundup Member Update

Here is a copy of the Traffic Roundup Member Update that was mailed to all members on January 10 :

Howdy TrafficRoundup member,
Happy New Year! Okay, I know the new year started almost 2 weeks ago, but this is the first Traffic Roundup update of 2005...

Last month was a busy month for me. Traffic Roundup had its most active month ever, and my family moved from California to Massachusetts. We are getting settled in our new home not far from Boston. The kids (we have 3) are loving the snow. They had a snow day the first week of school!

Traffic Roundup Cash and PayPal Problems-
If you are waiting for a PayPal payment from me for your TrafficRoundup Cash I have bad news. I have been unable to log into my PayPal account for several weeks to send you money. I can't go into all the details, but PayPal has detected some abnormalities with my account and I may have to close my current account and open a new one. I don't want to do this as it would mean that many Pro members would have their subscriptions cancelled. If you want your TR cash converted to real cash soon, I suggest requesting a StormPay or e-gold payment. Or just wait until I resolve the issues with PayPal.

New Safelist You Won't Want to Miss
I know you are all interested in low cost, high value, Internet advertising. I have learned of a new credit-based safelist that is being launched today. The owner of Actual Visitors, Michael Kelly, is a Traffic Roundup Pro member and currently runs one of the most effective safelists online. He has used his knowledge of safelist management and advertising to build an even better product.

Introducing Actual Visitors Safelist

I invite you all to join Actual Visitors with me an be in at the beginning of another great high value advertising program. As a special offer to Traffic Roundup members, Michael has extended a very generous offer. For those who sign up as a Gold member BEFORE 6:00 PM EST you will receive $2 in commission (from Actual Visitors) and as a Platinum member you will receive $4 in commission just for signing up. This offer is NOT extended to the general public.

Please join my Traffic Roundup team

Saturday, January 01, 2005

December Winners

Below are the usernames of the 100 winners of the December contest. One hundred usernames were choosen at random from among the nearly 400 members that surfed at least 1000 times last month. Congratulations to the winners, they each earned 10 TrafficRoundup Bucks whch can be traded for 1000 credits or $2.50 in US$. (prizes will be awarded over the next few days).

2blue2 anderenterprise arlen basketball belgianal betablues bingoqueen54 bogz btgee2005 cabby2003 chasb coffeebreak computercash cosmo countrywide daisylein dalong dangan daria2051 davet210 davyx deforel deg1181 deliverysnail eddysue fangcheng freebroadband gaby17 gladiatore gofermatch grant27 gspencer handy49 hiboy hurricane hutcheson innquest jdl1959 jimblasco jimm jltd joybunny jpaduchak kittygus kurt489 limeyben linkthis lorijax luvsnoopy mailman mandapanda master maximummall mcmiura mdholmes mellowell mikemac mikesdirect modreado mommylove moneygen mpaet mpursley8833 mrskamoore mryan novocasa onestar orion7 patrick peachesmom polansky polly2 preshious prime pteuroman racah rajeshree robertthomason ron5 rugaral sam savnplace sbfreedom shineyourstar sky1 sovizit srsmith thamisgith thunder444 tm007 tommen toque tray vanoverbeker wardchuck webhitsrus willodragn wittyguyftl yourcash2gold xbratx

As a special bonus, ALL members that surfed at least 1000 times last month recieved one TrafficRoundup Buck. Thanks for using TrafficRoundup.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Watch this page over the next couple days for the list of the December contest winners, as well as other announcements.