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Friday, February 25, 2005

PayPal Problem Solved (Finally)

At last PayPal was able to fix my account so that I can now log in. It only took them about seven weeks. This means I won't have to close my PayPal account like several of their support team told me was the only option.

I will be adding the PayPal subscription feature to the Pro member upgrade page soon. Also, I will finally be able to send Traffic Roundup Cash payments via PayPal again. If you have requested payment this way, watch your PayPal accounts over the next few days.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

President's Day Sale - got banners?

THIS SALE HAS ENDED. Thank you to everyone that took advantage of it.

For the next few days I have slashed the price of banner credits. You can now get 50,000 banner impression credits for just $5.

This offer may end at any time, so log into your TrafficRoundup account and take advantage of this special offer today.


Thursday, February 10, 2005

Actual Visitors - product review

Actual Visitors is a new credit-based safe list that is gaining popularity. Actual Visitors was launched in mid January 2005, and in only four weeks has over 700 active members.

In case you are new to "safe lists"; safe lists are mailing lists that are safe to send advertisements to. All members have agreeed to receive message from each other.

Credit-based safe lists differ from most safe lists, because members actually read your posts and visit your sites, thus the name, "Actual Visitors". The reason they visit your sites is that they earn credits (to send out thier messages) when they click through to your site. Actual Visitors is not just a very effective advertising medium, it is a profitable affiliate program as well. (I am Platinum member and have already earned over $80 in my first month!)

Actual Vsitors has several levels of membership, including a free Basic membership level, a Gold level at $9.95 a month and a Platinum level at $19.95 a month. All three membership levels are eligable to win Cash Prizes daily and will receive referral commissions when new members they refer upgrade their membership. However, Gold and Platinum members earn higher commissions.

There are several great benefits to upgrading your membership and over 10% of all members have chosen to purchase the enhanced services.

I have found Actual Visitors to be an affordable and effective place to advertise. I recommend that you try it as well. Join as a Basic member and see for yourself how this service can help your Internet marketing efforts. Once you have tried it I am sure you will agree that the upgraded memberships are more than worth every penny.

Please join from

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Problems With PayPal

If you read the January 11 post you might remember that I have not been able to log into my PayPal account. It seems the PayPal computer thinks I am not me and won't let me log in anymore.

I can receive payments, I just can't log in to send money, etc.

I have spent hours ont he phone with PayPal support, faxed them documentation, and jumped through hoops. They even reset my password and sent it to me in the mail. However, nothing has helped, they are still not able to fix my account.

If you have requested a TrafficRoundup Cash payment through PayPal you will have to wait a little longer. I am waiting for PayPal to get back to me one more time. If they can't solve the problem, I will have to close my account there, and open a new one. If I do this all the Pro member subscriptions will be cancelled. (I hope this can be avoided).

Anyway that is the latest on the TrafficRoundup-PayPal struggle.

Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Groundhog Day Surfing Special

Credit ratios have been increased 50% for the next 24 hrs.

Free members will receive 0.75 credits for every page they view.
Pro members will receive 1.5 credits for every site they view.

Have a fun Groundhog Day!

TrafficRoundup Credit Price Change

Great news!

I have lowered the prices of TrafficRoundup advertising credits. Now would be a good time to stock up. These low prices may not last for long.