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Thursday, March 31, 2005

March Pro Member Winners

Complete List of March Pro Members Of The Day.
Congratulations to the following Pro members that each won 1000 credits this month.

March 1 - helensmillions
March 2 - gphill
March 3 - vare
March 4 - samfreedom
March 5 - cybjoc
March 6 - dirobtx
March 7 - sydburke
March 8 - michaela
March 9 - artgecko
March 10 - freeworksathome
March 11 - jbbard
March 12 - lorijax
March 13 - jndeihl
March 14 - shariron
March 15 - ebzzz
March 16 - prodigyvik
March 17 - prime
March 18 - fakidd
March 19 - jcrhds
March 20 - paydaze
March 21 - lacajunboy
March 22 - sars
March 23 -medicsmart
March 24 - scbirdex
March 25 - diamondsharp
March 26 - troundup
March 27 - mdmounce
March 28 - mfyoung
March 29 - cashaction
March 30 - stormnb
March 31 - robby

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Have you tried WordLinx?

I discovered a fantastic free resource the other day. It is called WordLinx and it is a free text ad exchange that can help you increase your website traffic.

To get started you join WordLinx and enter a short text ad for your website. Then you copy a short block of HTML code onto the pages of your website. You get to choose the types of ads that you show and the types of sites that your ad appears on. Think "targeted traffic".

The text ads will look like the short text ad link that is near the top of this page. When a visitor to your website clicks the text ad link, you earn 1 credit (worth one click thru to your website).

If you accumulate more credits than you need you can sell them back for a penny apiece. If you have a high traffic site this could earn you some extra revenue. In addition, if someone purchases WordLinx credits from your referral page, you earn a cash commission.

To get more traffic to your pages with the WordLinx text ads in them, you can use a great manual traffic exchange like TrafficRoundup or HitSafari.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Don't forget about banners

Banner ads are a valuable tool to the online marketer. Yet many traffic exchange users fail to use them effectively.

In the Traffic Roundup traffic exchange, member's banners are shown in the "surfbar" and are plainly seen when other members click for free credits. Because the banners are actually seen by members (and not hidden on the bottom of a page somewhere) they make an excellent tool to brand your business.

You want potential customers to see your business name, or product name frequently. This increases awareness or your product or service.

Banner impressions (shows of your banner) are very affordable on Traffic Roundup. You can get 50 thousand (50,000) impression credits (good for 50000 shows of your banner) for only $8. You can also trade your advertsing credits (page view credits) for banner impression credits. You can get 50 banner credits for every regular credit you trade.

If you are unfamiliar with how to add a banner, there are a couple videos on the banner manager page in the member area that will walk you through the process.

Wishing you success with your banner advertsing campaign.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Member Update - March 1

March made its entrance like a lion today where I live.We woke up to 7 inches of new snow and no school for the kids!I hope this month turns lamb-like soon, I can't wait for springtime.

That means there will be periodic Pro member promotions. One that starts today and lasts all month is "Pro Member Of The Day".Every day a Pro Member will be chosen at random and awarded1000 credits.

The first winner is "helensmillions". If that is your username, you have been given 1000 advertising credits.

Watch the TR-Blog for updates. HINT: You are reading it now.

If you don't want to be bothered viewing sites with pop-ups,sound, etc., log into your account and select to only be shownsites that have been pre screened.

Everyday I screen the sites and filter the ones that have pop-ups, exit ads, slide in ads, etc as well as those that have sound files, or are 'rotators' (possibly containing those kinds of sites).

The pre-screened sites are much less likely to contain sites that close the TrafficRoundup surf bar (frame breakers). Those annoying sites are usually hidden inside of 'rotators'.

Now when you receive a notice that you have a new referral, youwill see where that person found your TrafficRoundup sign-up page.Next time you receive one (I hope it is soon) take a look and atthis new feature.

If you have any ideas for new features like that, please speak up.TrafficRoundup is your advertising exchange, I am just the admin.

Watch your e-mail box for a notice regarding some expected downtime.I am moving TrafficRoundup to a faster server and the site may be down while this move occurs. It will probably occur next week.

-Stephen Ayer