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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Last Week's Top Cattle Roundup Winners

Do you play the Cattle Roundup game when you use TrafficRoundup?

Last weeks top 3 'ranchers' were members 'rhema', 'tough2beat', and 'omnishop'.

500 Traffic Roundup advertising credits have been added to their accounts.

This week's contest runs through Sunday December 4. Good Luck!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Great Little Money Maker in Time for the Holidays

Looking for a quick way to earn some income WITHOUT spending a dime first?

So many Internet 'opportunities' require you to purchase a product before you can become an affiliate. The problem is many people working online have little money to invest in a new opportunity.

Well I found a great product and affiliate program that is actually earning me money and I didn't have to buy a thing. It is called Finally Easy for a reason. It is Finally easy to make some money online.

Join Finally Easy Now

You can sign up as an affiliate for free and promote your affiliate page. People like to join like you did ('cause it costs nothing!) but then they see all they get for a one-time low fee that they will upgrade.

You will earn $7 everytime someone you refer upgrades. And the upgrade is not expensive.

What is the product? Upgraded members get text link adverting on the affiliate pages, a 200 pixel ad on a popular 'pixel ad site', plus more.

I have tested this opportunity and I am getting sign ups from traffic exchanges and safe lists. I am making money too, and so can you!

Join Finally Easy Now

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Targeted Traffic: Choosing the right category

One of the improvements that has recently been added to the TrafficRoundup traffic exchange is the ability to place your web site in a 'category'. So instead of just receiving traffic, you can increase your 'targeted traffic'.

TrafficRoundup members should select the categories that they would like to see when using Traffic Roundup to earn advertising credits. For example, if a member is interested in viewing and reading blogs, he/she could select that category and then visit the blog sites that are being advertised in Traffic Roundup.

However, at this time most members have not changed their profile from the default 'General' category.

The 'General' category is a mix of sites that are not targeted. It also contains the rotator sites. Because more members have their profiles set to view 'General' sites, URLS listed in this category are receiving more visitors.

If you want more hits (visitors) and are NOT concerned about targeted visitors then choose 'General'.

If you want visitors that are especially interested in the subject of your site, then choose an appropriate category. You may not get as many visitors, but the visitors that do see your site should be more interested in seeing it.

Also, sites listed in the 'non-general' categories will appear in the Traffic Roundup Directory.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Make Money Promoting TrafficRoundup

I have started awarding commissions to ALL *active* Traffic Roundup members.
It is my way of rewarding you for helping to grow this traffic exchange.

Free members can earn ~5% on upgrades and credit sales. Pro members will able to earn 10% commissions.

Note: This Traffic Roundup affiliate program is NOT multi-level marketing (MLM). You earn a commission on purchases of your direct referrals only.

Members that do not use TrafficRoundup by surfing (visiting other member's sites) should not expect to receive commissions. I cannot sell credits if members do not use them up by viewing the sites in TrafficRoundup.

I am considering a requirement of 50-100 pageviews per month for earning a commission. Please email me your comments.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Traffic Roundup Traffic Exchange is Four Years Old!


This past week the Traffic Roundup traffic exchange turned 4 years old. It seems like just yesterday that Richard Taylor and I launched this traffic exchange. In those days there were maybe 50 exchanges. Traffic Roundup grew steadily and has out lasted thousands of new traffic exchanges.

Richard Taylor soon moved on to other things and today is co-owner of, another traffic exchange. In the early years I pretty much did everything. I modified the old Perl script, did all the marketing, customer service, etc. Eventually I hired Tim Linden of and owner of (another traffic exchange - which is actually older than TrafficRoundup) to rewrite the script as a PHP-based script. Recently Tim helped convert Traffic Roundup to a customized version of his popular TCNTE traffic exchange script.

TrafficRoundup continues to grow with new members joining every day. There are many members that have maintained active accounts for four years. Some have even been Pro members since the first day I added that feature. Thank you for your support.

I recently re-registered TRAFFICROUNDUP.COM for another 4 years. The traffic exchange industry continues to evolve, and I look forward to the evolution of TrafficRoundup. I hope you will be with me on this journey.


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

About Traffic Roundup URL Categories

Recently categories were added to the Traffic Roundup URL mananger, and member profile. These were added to allow members the option of seeing websites that they are interested in and to provide advertisers the option of receiving targeted traffic.

One factor I didn't consider was that most members would leave the settings on the default "General" category. The consequence of this is that currently, URLs designated in the categories (other than "General") are receiving traffic at a slower rate.

Here are my suggestions.
Update your profile (on the Main Member Page) to include the categories that you are interested in seeing when surfing. You can select multiple categories by holding down the control (ctrl) key on your keyboard.

With your URLs, choose a category other than "General" only if you are interested in targeted traffic. If you wish to receive higher levels of untargetd traffic, then choose the "General" category.

In time, I beleive that many more members will have selected various categories and URLs assigned to all the categories will receive significant levels of traffic.

Monday, November 07, 2005

The NEW Traffic Roundup Directory

There is a new feature on the Traffic Roundup Traffic system. It is a directory of sites that are currently rotating within the traffic exchange.

Go to and click on the categories. From there you can browse the different sites that are being advertised in Traffic Roundup. You can also access the directory from the menu bar on most Traffic Roundup pages.

The directory is similar to a classified ad site. You can use the title and description to draw readers attention to your site so that they might click and visit if interested.

It is easy to get your site listed in this free service. Just log into your Traffic Roundup account (or join for free if not currently a member). Then enter a URL, with title and description in the URL mananger. Choose a category other than "General". Finally you will need to assign advertising credits to the URL. Advertsing credits can be earned at no cost by surfing in the traffic exchange, or can be purchased.

The order of listing in the Directory is determined by the number of assigned credits, with priority given to upgraded (PRO) members.

I am considering adding more categories, however, I do not want the list to be too big. If you have any suggestions please contact me.

NOTE: Do not submit a site to a category it does not belong in. Use some common sense.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Ten Thousand Bounced E-mails

After sending out the Traffic Roundup update to over 33 thousand Traffic Roundup members yesterday, I spent the rest of the day deleting bounced emails. I am not exactly sure of the total but it was close to ten thousand.

I guess it really is time to delete the seriously inactive members.

On a brighter note a record number of users have used TrafficRoundup since yesterday.

When I haven't been deleteing bounced emails I have been screening the URLs that members have submitted. Starting to think that admin-approval of all sites was a bad decision. If you are still waiting for your URLs to be approved, try assiging more credits to it/them. The admin approval tool shows the sites with the most assigned credits first. At one time today I had approved/rejected all URLs with more than 10 credits assigned. I took a break and now there are a ton more.

I think I need an assistant.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


A new script has been installed, and with it there are
several changes that you need to know about.

New Surfing Game: The Cattle Roundup
Everytime you surf 10 times, you are presented with the
gameboard and a chance to win 5 credits (if you find a cow).
By the way: the game is optional and can be turned off if
you prefer. See the main member page to change the setting.

New URL Categories
You now have more options for your traffic and the sites you
view. Please update your URLs and viewing preferences.

Admin Approval of Added URLs
I will now be reviewing all URLs that are added. Sites are
screened in order of assigned credits. So after adding a URL,
you will need to assign credits and wait for me to approve the
URL. If your site is rejected, you will not lose the credits
you assigned.

New Minimum surfing requirements.
Unless you have an upgraded membership, you are required to
surf 50 times each month to receive referral credits.

There are other changes planned which I hope will improve
Traffic Roundup as a premier advertsing venue.

ACTION PLAN: (what you need to do)
1. Log into your TrafficRoundup account, update your profile.
2. Surf to activate your account and to try the new game.
3. Add your website's URL, and assgin credits.
4. Make Traffic Roundup part of your daily online marketing plan.