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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Don't Miss the "WEDDING FIRE SALE"

You may have seen Internet "Fire Sales" before, but Willie Crawford's Wedding Fire Sale is setting new records. Who is getting married? Click here to read the story.

What is for sale?
You Get Over $4588 Worth of Software (some of it NEVER released before), Exclusive Resale Rights, Courses, MP3s, Membership Sites Access and Ebooks For Less Than $50

It just started yesterday and lasts only a few more days. Tomorrow the price goes up and keeps going up each day. If you are even remotely interested in any of the contents of this sale, you need to act NOW by clicking this link.

AND... There is a customer only affilaite program that allows you to earn money by promoting this Fire Sale. Find 2 new customers and the $4588 worth of products are yours at no cost. But even of you do not sell any, this is still a very good deal.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Smartest Ten Dollars I Have Spent in a Long Time.

The other night I was looking in my “Junk E-mail” folder in Outlook, and saw a newsletter that I had subscribed to. I almost didn’t even open it because I remembered that the publisher rarely sends anything truly useful.

I have been very busy lately growing my Internet business, and don’t have much time to read newsletters. However, something made me click on this “junk” message to see what was in the newsletter.

I started reading and it looked like yet another offer to buy something. I ALMOST closed it, but then decided to click the link instead. I started reading the sales page and saw that it was for a membership site that promised to help build an opt-in list and get more traffic to my site. And it was priced very affordably, almost too low. Could it really be that good?

It was on a subject that I knew my readers would be interested in; “website traffic and list building”. I took a chance, not really expecting much at that price. Inside the member area was a set of flash videos. You know, the ones you click on to listen to and watch a presentation. So I clicked the first one (and there were many). This video was about 25 min. long and jam packed with useful info. There were more great tips in this one video than in most thirty dollar e-books that I have purchased.

I am hooked, I have spent several hours now absorbing all the useful information that is available with my membership to this site.

I can honestly say that if you can not afford not to spend the $10 it takes to join Jimmy D. Brown’s “List And Traffic Membership Site”.

As a special bonus just for reading this review I am going to share with you a very inspirational video that will give you an idea of the quality of the material offered in this membership site. Click here to view “How To Get Everything You Want In Your Business and Life in 2006”.

Thank you for reading this review,
Stephen Ayer

Friday, February 24, 2006

New Banners To Promote TrafficRoundup And Help You Get More Free Website Traffic

TrafficRoundup has some new banners, of various sizes, that you can use on your website to build your TrafficRoundup team.

Remember, when someone joins TrafficRoundup through your referral link, you will earn one advertsing credit for every 10 times they "surf'" TrafficRoundup.

PLUS, you will earn free advertising when your direct referrals get more referrals themselves. You earn traffic on 4 levels which can really add up. You tell 3 three people and they tell three (or more) people, and those people each get 3 or more..... Get the picture?

There are TrafficRoundup members that earn thousands of free traffic credits each month just because they promoted TrafficRoundup in the past. Start promoting TrafficRoundup today and you could be one of those members next year.

Get your TrafficRoundup promotional banners here. You may have to login with your TrafficRoundp username and password.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Stephen Ayer's New Web Ventures

I recently started two new web projects that you will be hearing about in the coming months. I don't want to reveal too much at this point but just wanted to let the readers of this blog know that I will be busy for the next 2-3 months creating products that I am sure will help you market yourself or your business on the net.

At least one of these project will provide an income opportunity for those that choose to promote it. It will also help anyone start a stampede of targeted traffic to their website or blog!

For more information, come back to this blog often, as I will be posting updates.

By the way, TrafficRoundup is in good hands with Bobby Ivie handling most of the support and site maintenance. So don't forget to remain active in TrafficRoundup.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

TrafficRoundup News - February 17

-- New Surfing / Website Category
There's been a lot of talk lately about HYIP and Investment Auto Surf programs. TrafficRoundup wants you to know that we do not endorse these very risky programs.
More often than not, people lose money and most of them are here today and gone tomorrow - along with your money.

So, we have added a new surfing category: "High Risk"

If you want to see these programs while surfing, add this category to your profile. Over time, these will be removed from other categories.

This category is also for websites that you submit. If your program is HYIP, Investment Auto Surf, or anything of this nature, you Must put it into the High Risk category. Any of these not put in this category will be moved there by admin.

-- Email Addresses

TrafficRoundup appreciates All our members, but due to a high number of bouncing emails (thousands), we have no choice but to no longer allow AOL and Yahoo email addresses. They have taken it upon themselves to determine what mail you may and may not to receive.
If you are currently using one of these, please change it. There are plenty of great options available to you.

Just search the Net for email providers.

- Other News

Niche sites are very popular today. A niche site is a website devoted to a particular subject, like, let's say, roses. This 'niche' would have info and articles about roses.

The idea of building a niche site is to make money by having affiliate ads such as AdSense or Yahoo Ads.

People visit your site and hopefully click on those ads and you get paid.
But, no matter how good your site is, if nobody knows it's there, you'll get no visitors and no clicks on your ads.

However, there's a solution!
You need information to help you better understand how to get your site optimized so the search engines can find you and send you visitors. But, the rules change constantly.
That's why you need to stay up to date.

In fact, you not only need to stay up to date, you need to know what's coming in the future. This will put you way ahead of the game. Get it F*R*E*E...

We very much appreciate your TrafficRoundup membership.
Please let us know if you have any questions or problems.

Stephen Ayer & Bobby Ivie

Problems with Yahoo and AOL e-mail addresses

If you read the most recent newsletter from TrafficRoundup you will see that we not allowing Yahoo and AOL e-mail addresses to be used.

First, we do NOT intend to delete any accounts because you use those e-mail services. However, Yahoo and AOL are making it difficult for us to contact the TrafficRoundup members.

These e-mail services do not care if you have requested to receive info or not. They have made the decision to decide for you if a message is worth delivering. Each time we try to contact our members, we receive MANY bounced e-mails from these services ( and others).

PLEASE do us a favor. If you have not been receiving the TrafficRoundup newsletters, please log into your TrafficRoundup account and update your email address with one that works.

If you use Yahoo or AOL and ARE receiving the messages, AND have no other option for receiving e-mail newsletters, please let us know.

If you find your account SUSPENDED, it is probably because your e-mail is bouncing. If this happens to you, please contact us and we wil try to work with you,

And finally, we would like to hear any comments you have on this subject.

Stephen (owner) and Bobby (Administrator).

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Free Valentine's Day Gift - for the niche you love

Niche sites are very popular today, and rightfully so.
If you are not familiar with them, a niche site is a website devoted to a particular subject, like, let's say roses. This niche site would have all kinds of info on it about roses. Now, the idea of building a niche site is not for Jack Lalanne's sake, it's to make money by having affiliate ads such as AdSense, Yahoo Ads or something of that nature. People come and visit your site and hopefully click on your ads and you get paid.

But, the problem most people have is that no matter how good your site is, if nobody knows it's there, you will get no visitors and no clicks on your ads. However,
There is a solution!

What you need is information to help you better understand how to get your site optimized so the search engines can find you and send you some visitors. But the problem is ... the rules change constantly. What worked last year, or even last month, may not work today.
That's why you need to stay up to date..

In fact, you not only need to stay up to date, you need to know what's coming in the future. That's right, like I said, things change constantly. But you can now know what's coming and prepare for it. This will put you way ahead of the game.

So go ahead, check this out. Oh, I forgot to mention that it is F*R*E*E. A nice Valentine's day gift :)

Interesting article about SEO and traffic exchanges

Here is an interesting article that explians why using traffic exchanges could improve your web sites placement in search engines. It is written by search engine expert Roger Gonzales.

Here is a link to Roger's article:

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

NEW Tool Makes Traffic Exchange Advertising Even Better

How Would You Like to Give Your Traffic Exchange Advertising the Same Kind of HUGE Advantage Used by Direct Mail Marketers?

Finally there is a Way for the Average Traffic Exchange User to Leverage the Incredible Power of Personalization!

Here is a new tool that promises to make your time surfing traffic exchanges much more effective. Not to mention make your traffic exchange advertising dollar go farther.

Introducing SplashPageBrander - Click Here for more info - opens in a new window

Friday, February 03, 2006

A New Traffic Roundup Administrator

I am pleased to announce that Bobby Ivie has joined the TrafficRoundup Staff as the new site Administrator. He will be handling much of the day to day operations, including customer support. I (Stephen Ayer) will remain the owner and together with Bobby help steer TrafficRoundup into the future.

You may already know Bobby. He is also the owner of the successful traffic exchange, FunnyFarmTraffic. I am confident the Bobby will perform the functions of site administrator with the highest professional standards.

Please join me in welcoming Bobby to the TrafficRoundup Team.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Happy Groundhog Day

I can't beleive it is February 2nd already. Did the groundhog see his shadow whre you live?

It was cloudy here this morning so my daughter thinks the groundhog didn't see his shadow and that means summer will be here soon. I think she forgot about one of the seasons.

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TrafficRoundup is one of the most active traffic exchanges online today. Let's keep it that way.