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Friday, March 31, 2006

Listen To This Success Story And Learn From It

The other day I recorded a call with a successful Internet marketer, Jennifer Herold. Jennifer tells how she got started marketing online, and how she turned early failures into success.

I am making this recoding available to you free of charge because I want to share her inspirational story with as many people as possible.

If you have been struggling or are just getting started with your Internet marketing business you will definitly want to her what Jennifer has to say.

We also discuss her excellent new e-book “Writing Effective Email Ad Copy“. She shares some of her secrets on this call so you will want to be sure to listen.

So grab a beverage, sit back and click on this link to begin listening to this call. NOTE: This mp3 file is approximately one hour in length.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

StormPay No Longer Accepted

Today StormPay announced a new policy, they will no longer be accepting payments for any product or service that is sold outside of their in-house auction site.

They have also stopped all recurring subscription payments. Because of this TrafficRoundup will no longer be accepting storm pay.

If you are TrafficRoundup Pro member who paid with storm pay or had a subscription with storm pay your Pro membership will stay intact until its next scheduled payment is due. At that time your account will revert to a basic free account, and you'll be able to upgrade using PayPal at that time you.

I have looked into new payment processors and discovered that 2CheckOut is not an option. If anyone has any suggestions for additional payment processors. Please visit the trafficroundup forum, otherwise known as The Waterin' Hole, and post a suggestion. I cannot guarantee that any new processor will be added, however I will consider any reasonable options.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Login Problems @ TrafficRoundup?

After trying to fix one login problem, we seem to have introducd a new one.

The problem has been fixed for most users. However, if you are experiencing problems try this…

First click on the logout link in the Traffic Roundup menu bar. Then log in.
If you still experience problems navigating the Traffic Roundup member’s area you might try deleting cookies.

We apologize for any difficulties you may have experienced.

TrafficRoundup has been growing rapidly and may have outgrown its current script. We are looking into options to upgrade the script to avoid these types of problems in the future. We have big plans for TrafficRoundup and will do whatever it takes to make TrafficRoundup the best manual traffic exchange that it can be.

-Stephen Ayer and Bobby Ivie

Monday, March 13, 2006

Where Are The Heavy Hitters?

I was looking over the results of the March Referral Contest and I must say I am a little dissapointed. No one is even close to grabbing the cash prize.

There is currently a tie for First Place between 'gjkgroup' and 'typeint', but each only have 3 qualifying new referrals. To qualify, the new referral must either surf 100 times, purchase credits or upgrade their account.

Last week I logged into 3 safelists (YourLuckList, TheListMachine and John Reese's, and sent out an email message to each list. This took me less than 5 minutes and resulted in eleven new signups and 2 of the 11 have qualified for he contest. This puts my test account in a tie for third place.

I am sure anyone of you could have done what I did. In fact many of you could have done a better job, just by using more safelists and list builders.

Click Here For Some Sample Ads To Send To Safelists [you may need to login to your TrafficRoundup account]

Here are some safelist/list builders I use.

Advertise Directly to 362,797 Targeted Leads -- 100% FREE!

Your 150,000 leads and monthly residual income are just a click away!

Build a massive, double opt-in list of thousands of responsive leads automatically, even if you're the last to one to join.

Click Here to Build Your 100,000 member Opt-in List for F.R.E.E

I wish you luck in all your promotions.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Don't Forget The March Referral Contest!

Traffic Roundup is running a referral contest for March and you could win $25!

This month we are going to reward one of our hard working cow hands with $25 for referring new members to Traffic Roundup!

If you are the first member to refer 25 new members who either upgrade or surf at least 100 sites in March, you will win $25.

Also, everyone who refers 10 new members who either upgrade or surf at least 100 sites by the 15th March will win 500 credits.

So add some our new banners to your website and promote Traffic Roundup everywhere you promote. Are you going to be the winner of 500 credits this month? How about the winner of $25?

NOTE: This contest is wide open, anyone can still win. Why not you?

Friday, March 03, 2006

Two New Features At TrafficRoundup

If you read the latest Newsletter from TrafficRoundup you probably noticed a few new things. [new newsletter format, new forum, new referral contest]

First the newsletter has a new name "The Traffic Roundup Cattle Call" and is available onlne for you to read.

If you are not receiving the e-mail newsletters (and you ARE a member of TrafficRoundup) you need to do a couple things:
1. Make sure the e-mail address you have listed in your TrafficRoundup account actually works. [fix it or risk loosing your free account]
2. Add to your spam filter's white list.

The other new feature at TrafficRoundup is the new forum. It still needs a catchy name (see the contest).

Use the forum to contact the Traffic Roundup staff, communicate with other members, or just to post your ads (yes, there is a free advertsing section).

The one thing you can NOT do is use the forum for attacking or personally criticizing other members.

We are also holding a referral contest. Will you be one of the winners? I hope so.