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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Have you discovered "tagging" yet?

The Internet is changing. The old Internet of search engines, traffic exchanges and safelists is being replaced with the new Internet of social networking, social bookmarking, blogs, RSS feeds and "tagging".

If you want to stay ahead of the pack you have to be willing to continually learn new things. I recently found that I didn't know much about the subject of tagging.

I kept hearing about it but it just didn't click. I have spent many hours over the last few weeks familiarizing myself with this subject. What I have learned is very interesting. I have discovered a system for getting targeted traffic to your site without the expense of pay-per-click advertising, or the work and time involved with many free traffic methods.

So, what is tagging? Tags are a new type of keyword. Tags are used in many public bookmarking (social bookmarking) sites like and
When a member of these sites saves a bookmarked site (favorite site) they give it keywords to categorize it. These keywords are called tags and the process of adding keywords to the bokkmarks is known as tagging.

Try joining a site like and becoming familiar with it.

In the future I will share with you some strategies for using these sites to drive traffic to your website, blog or affiliate webpage.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Sale at TrafficRoundup - 24 hrs only

Traffic Roundup is holding a special 24 hr only sale on advertising credits.

For the next 24 hrs (or until we sell 20 packages) you can buy 20,000 visitor credits (good for twenty thousand page views of your website) for just $97.

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Please note that we are more selective on the types of sites we will allow advertised on our network. See the previous posts in this blog.

Don't get left out. Purchase your package now.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Changes at Traffic Roundup

Traffic Roundup is committed to providing a valuable place to advertise your website. We want it to be the best traffic exchange service there is. Some changes are needed.

The manual traffic exchange business is evolving. Traffic Roundup is changing too. There have been some recent events that have forced us to be proactive and to be more selective when it come to the type of sites we allow to be advertised in Traffic Roundup.

We do not want any scam sites, Ponzis (of any sort) pyramid schemes or get rich quick scams. If you are promoting any of these "opportunities" please evaluate them and remove them if they fit the above description.

Also, due to our desire to be in compliance with the rules of our primary payment processor, we will no long be able to offer bonus referral advertising credits on more than one level.

You will continue to receive bonus referral credits from the activity of your direct referrals but not on referral's referrals.

Please bare with us during these changes, and together we will make Traffic Roundup bigger and better than ever.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Changes to Terms of Service

Please be advised that TrafficRoundup has changed its Terms of Service and all members are expected to abide by the new terms.

Traffic Roundup will not allow Ponzi schemes to be advertised. This includes all "investment surf" (autosurf or manual surf) programs. Please remove these sites if you are advertising them.

You should also remove HYIPs and any program that offer high percent per day plans etc.

I know this will not be popular with everyone. Please read this from the SEC regarding these types of programs.