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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Newsletters and Spam Filters

Whenever you join any newsletter or business, the first thing you should do is white list them (add them to your friends list) so the emails do not get deleted or hidden in a spam/junk mail folder. You will have to check your mail provider to see how this is done.

Some mail providers are deleting your business email in the name of looking out for your best interest, so be sure to check your spam or bulk mail folders. If you find important emails, add them to your friends list. Typically, Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL dumps business emails into a junk folder and you may never see them. Some people report problems with mail getting through at EarthLink and SBCGlobal. Log into your web mail and check the spam filters. You can turn them off and check spam/bulk mail folders there.

Remember, you are in business so you should act like it. You should have a business email account that you keep cleaned out and bounce free. If you have a brick and mortar business, you're going to get calls and solicitations you don't want - the same way you get spam emails on the Net. But, it's a important part of the biz and you have to accept it.

Don't cause grief for the owners of the programs you are involved in by bouncing emails or by not receiving your verification emails. If you are using a provider that does not let these emails through, change providers. Otherwise, you will miss too many important emails.

By Bobby Ivie

First posted in the Traffic Roundup Cattle Call - Traffic Roundup's online newsletter.

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