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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Deep Discounts Coming To An End

TrafficRoundup members have enjoyed some very deep discounts on credits packages over the last few weeks. We thank you for your support. But as we said, it will not last forever. On Friday Sept. 1st our credit prices will be going up. So, if you were considering purchasing credits on Traffic Roundup, now is the time. They may go back down at some point in the future and they may not, so don't get left out. Log into your members area and check out some of these great credit specials before they are no longer available. Once again ... Our Current Credit Sale Ends This Friday!

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

Have you ever noticed whenever you read traffic exchange reports that Traffic Roundup is always right up there in the top exchanges? Some seem to flutter; they're up one week and down the next. But Roundup is always there and solid.

Of course, we couldn't do it without our exceptional members. It's one thing to move a lot of inventory. That means credits are moving fast, which is good. But, if the membership activity is high, meaning a lot of different members are viewing sites every day, that's great! That means lots of different eyes (prospects) viewing your sites.

Traffic Roundup has never had a problem delivering quality traffic to our members, but there might be a few reason for things being better than ever right now.

- Members know that we are serious about keeping the corral clean. We are working very hard to ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable experience at Roundup. We strive daily to keep out sites that break terms of service, break frames, have multiple popups, stall the surfbar, etc. We appreciate the members who help us do this.

- Members know that we do not allow sites that are 'paid to' sites; like paid to promote and sites that run background searches to make money. Because we don't allow these, members who promote only those sites go somewhere else. This is good because they are not burning up your hard earned credits which can be better spent on someone who might take an interest in your promotions.

- Members seem to enjoy the 'ease' of viewing sites on Traffic Roundup. We do have security protection in place to block out cheaters, but we do not have buttons that distort a number to the point of not being recognizable, thus taking extra time and maybe some wrong clicks before you can move on to the next page view.

- Members have given us their trust and respect because we are one of the quickest exchanges when it comes to answering support questions. Many questions are answered practically on the fly, and most within a couple hours. This is important because nobody likes to wait 3 days for a support request to be answered, or worse yet, never even hear an answer.

- Members of Traffic Roundup enjoy a 2:1 surf ratio for free members and a 1:1 for Pro members. There are exchanges out there now that require you to surf 5 sites or more before you even earn 1 visitor back. Do I really need to say more?

We thank every one of our members for making Traffic Roundup so successful, and helping us to continually be ranked as one of the best traffic exchanges on the Net.

-Bobby Ivie

Monday, August 14, 2006

Do You Have a Marketing Blog?

Today I wanted to talk to you about using weblogs (blogs) as a
marketing tool.

Do you have a marketing blog yet? A blog is convenient tool to
publish product information, reviews of affiliate programs and
other information your market is interested in.

Search engines usually do not like to index affiliate websites
because the content is the same as hundreds of other affiliate's
websites. But search engines like to index blogs because they are
looking for new relevant content.

So as a marketer you should be writing about your affiliate
products and linking to your affilaite pages from your blog.

There are also several good blog-only search engines. is a very popular one. If you don't have a blog you
may not be reaching those Internet users that prefer searching for
information in Technorati instead of Google or Yahoo.

So where can you get a blog? is a good, free service
and a good choice if you are totally new to blogging and just want
to play around with it.

But if you are more serious, I recommend starting with a Word Press
blog. Word Press is a free script that you put on your own site.
There are many plugins and tools available for your Word Press blog
that make it a better marketing machine.

Recently a friend of mine, Mike Paetzold, has created an
information product that will help you set up a Word Press blog.
His series of videos walk you through the set up process and show
you many time saving tips for getting started marketing with Word
Press blog.

You've probably heard of Mike Paetzold (A.K.A "the old bald guy"),
he has created several successful products including the popular
Opt In Master Course. So you know that his new Word Press Tutorial
is a quality product.

To learn more vist this site now : and be sure to
see my testimonial.

If you already have a blog and want to share it with me and my
readers, leave a comment on this post.

This isn't a word press blog but it is an
example of what can be done with even completely free

Before you forget... Make sure you check out Mike's great new

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Special, Limited Time Offer

SPECIAL: Get 6000 credits AND 1 year PRO membership for less than $60!
Available for a limited time.

Roundup Some Bonus Credits

From The Cattle Call

We are going to offer a special for the whole month of August that will help you round up some bonus credits on Traffic Roundup.

While Traffic Roundup is a HUGE exchange, there is always room for growth. New members means more new eyes viewing your offers, so we are going to offer an incentive to encourage our members to promote Roundup.

Admin will be randomly surfing other traffic exchanges this month to promote Roundup. While doing so, we will be looking for members who are promoting Traffic Roundup. If your Traffic Roundup referral page is seen on one of these exchanges, your Roundup account will receive 50 bonus credits.

This isn't just a once; this is for every exchange on which your Roundup referral page is seen. If your referral page is seen on 3 different exchanges, you will receive 150 bonus credits; if it's seen on 10 different exchanges, you will receive 500 bonus credits, etc. Your credits will be added immediately when admin sees your referral page.

Don't forget, we've recently added some new referral pages to help you get new members, so this is a real good chance for you to test them out. You can find them in the main members area near the bottom of the page.

In addition to the bonus credits you receive if your referral page is seen by admin, you will receive a percentage of the credits your referrals earn every day. More referrals means more credits which means getting your site seen more often on Traffic Roundup.

Have fun and we'll be looking for you

New Pro Upgrade Options

From The Cattle Call

We have added more options to the Traffic Roundup Pro membership. Instead of just one month and three month options, we are now also offering six month and twelve month options. The more months you buy at one time, the lower the price of the Pro membership.

I'm not so sure that Stephen Ayer hasn't lost his mind. Check this out:

You can get a Traffic Roundup Pro membership for LESS THAN $5 A MONTH!

That's ridiculous for the quality of traffic you get at Traffic Roundup. I think we need to have a staff meeting.

Stephen has also increased the number of credits that comes with the Pro Upgrade from 300 to 500 per month! [Note: If you upgrade for multiple months your credits will all be added at one time.]

And as if that's not bad enough, he once again dropped the prices on credit purchases. This is not a reminder from last week; THIS IS AN EVEN DEEPER DISCOUNT! Nothing lasts forever, so take advantage of these offers before Stephen realizes that the summer heat has gone to his head.