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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

Have you ever noticed whenever you read traffic exchange reports that Traffic Roundup is always right up there in the top exchanges? Some seem to flutter; they're up one week and down the next. But Roundup is always there and solid.

Of course, we couldn't do it without our exceptional members. It's one thing to move a lot of inventory. That means credits are moving fast, which is good. But, if the membership activity is high, meaning a lot of different members are viewing sites every day, that's great! That means lots of different eyes (prospects) viewing your sites.

Traffic Roundup has never had a problem delivering quality traffic to our members, but there might be a few reason for things being better than ever right now.

- Members know that we are serious about keeping the corral clean. We are working very hard to ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable experience at Roundup. We strive daily to keep out sites that break terms of service, break frames, have multiple popups, stall the surfbar, etc. We appreciate the members who help us do this.

- Members know that we do not allow sites that are 'paid to' sites; like paid to promote and sites that run background searches to make money. Because we don't allow these, members who promote only those sites go somewhere else. This is good because they are not burning up your hard earned credits which can be better spent on someone who might take an interest in your promotions.

- Members seem to enjoy the 'ease' of viewing sites on Traffic Roundup. We do have security protection in place to block out cheaters, but we do not have buttons that distort a number to the point of not being recognizable, thus taking extra time and maybe some wrong clicks before you can move on to the next page view.

- Members have given us their trust and respect because we are one of the quickest exchanges when it comes to answering support questions. Many questions are answered practically on the fly, and most within a couple hours. This is important because nobody likes to wait 3 days for a support request to be answered, or worse yet, never even hear an answer.

- Members of Traffic Roundup enjoy a 2:1 surf ratio for free members and a 1:1 for Pro members. There are exchanges out there now that require you to surf 5 sites or more before you even earn 1 visitor back. Do I really need to say more?

We thank every one of our members for making Traffic Roundup so successful, and helping us to continually be ranked as one of the best traffic exchanges on the Net.

-Bobby Ivie


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