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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

New Pro Upgrade Options

From The Cattle Call

We have added more options to the Traffic Roundup Pro membership. Instead of just one month and three month options, we are now also offering six month and twelve month options. The more months you buy at one time, the lower the price of the Pro membership.

I'm not so sure that Stephen Ayer hasn't lost his mind. Check this out:

You can get a Traffic Roundup Pro membership for LESS THAN $5 A MONTH!

That's ridiculous for the quality of traffic you get at Traffic Roundup. I think we need to have a staff meeting.

Stephen has also increased the number of credits that comes with the Pro Upgrade from 300 to 500 per month! [Note: If you upgrade for multiple months your credits will all be added at one time.]

And as if that's not bad enough, he once again dropped the prices on credit purchases. This is not a reminder from last week; THIS IS AN EVEN DEEPER DISCOUNT! Nothing lasts forever, so take advantage of these offers before Stephen realizes that the summer heat has gone to his head.


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