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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Roundup Some Bonus Credits

From The Cattle Call

We are going to offer a special for the whole month of August that will help you round up some bonus credits on Traffic Roundup.

While Traffic Roundup is a HUGE exchange, there is always room for growth. New members means more new eyes viewing your offers, so we are going to offer an incentive to encourage our members to promote Roundup.

Admin will be randomly surfing other traffic exchanges this month to promote Roundup. While doing so, we will be looking for members who are promoting Traffic Roundup. If your Traffic Roundup referral page is seen on one of these exchanges, your Roundup account will receive 50 bonus credits.

This isn't just a once; this is for every exchange on which your Roundup referral page is seen. If your referral page is seen on 3 different exchanges, you will receive 150 bonus credits; if it's seen on 10 different exchanges, you will receive 500 bonus credits, etc. Your credits will be added immediately when admin sees your referral page.

Don't forget, we've recently added some new referral pages to help you get new members, so this is a real good chance for you to test them out. You can find them in the main members area near the bottom of the page.

In addition to the bonus credits you receive if your referral page is seen by admin, you will receive a percentage of the credits your referrals earn every day. More referrals means more credits which means getting your site seen more often on Traffic Roundup.

Have fun and we'll be looking for you


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