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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Lesson Learned From Watching My Daughter’s Swimming Lesson

I was at my 6 year old’s swimming lesson recently and witnessed something in the pool that I have to share with you. It made me think of the problems faced by many Internet marketers and maybe you know someone that has had these same problems.

What could possibly happen at the YMCA pool with a group of 6-7 year olds that could be related to Internet marketing? Let me tell the story.

The group of children in the swimming class was small, only 4, and most of the children were doing pretty good. They were wearing those foam ‘noodles’ and paddling the length of the pool and back. But there was one little boy that was much slower than the other three.

When the others had reached the end, this little boy was only about one third of the way. As I watched I was amazed that he was working the hardest. The three girls were making steady progress without much effort, but this one boy had his arms and leg going in all directions and splashing the water everywhere.

The instructor was staying close to him, giving him instruction and encouragement but he just kept making the biggest splashes and moving so slowly down the lane.

I thought about this on the way home and it reminded me of many people that are struggling online to have a successful business. They expend a great deal of energy doing what appears to be hard work, yet they are only making slow progress toward a goal, if any progress at all.

At the same time others appear to effortlessly glide toward a goal.

Why is that?

The poor little swimmer’s problem was that he was not using his arms and legs in a way that moved him forward. He was moving in too many directions and pretty much staying in one place. One strong kick was being cancelled out by a wild splashing of the water with an arm.

Maybe you are like this kid with your business. Always testing new opportunities and going in every direction except forward.

Sometimes just watching and mimicking someone that is successful is enough to give you traction and get you heading in the right direction.

Willie Crawford is one person that I trust to guide me in the right direction. His products are always of the highest quality and he is one of the nicest people online. Not only that, but he makes a great deal of money by taking actions that always move him closer to his goals.

Willie has recently made headlines by issuing a press release proclaiming that he would make one million dollars in ninety days. You may have heard of it. And he is sharing with his readers what he is doing to achieve this goal. One thing he has done is open a private, inner circle, membership site where he is making available some of the best information products, software and audio recordings that will help build your business.

Space is limited and may already be sold out. But I joined the other day and I must say I am very impressed with the wealth of information that he has made available. For example there is a multi-hour recording of the “Fish Tapes” that is jam packed with valuable content and insight. I honestly think that this one product is worth the full price of the membership. It would be hard to imagine that anyone could listen to the “Fish Tapes” and not agree that there are several ideas in there that you could take action on to make back many times the price of the membership. And that is just one product. I haven’t even begun to read/listen to everything yet.

I highly recommend that you go to Willie’s site right now and join before it is sold out.
Here is the link.

Stephen Ayer

Imagine if you followed Willie but achieved only 1% of his goal of earning one million in 90 days.


At 11:06 PM, Blogger Marion Tucker said...

Hello Stephen,

I really enjoyed your story. It is so true that we need to stay focused on one opportunity at a time and make something of it. Keep pushing and do something every day to grow your business. Focus and persistance are the keys to success in my book.

Take Care & Many Blessings,

At 9:11 PM, Blogger Dale Ng said...

I've had enough of people who say they will make a million, but strangely you believe. Well then, I must keep my mind open if you say so.

Dale Ng


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