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Friday, December 08, 2006

Be a Traffic Master in 2007

Hope you are having a great day. Hey, you want more traffic to your websites, right?

Well I found a couple resources that you are going to love. Ok, 'love' might be strong but your website will love you for the increased traffic its going to get.

The first resource is a new book that surveys dozens of ways to get traffic. This isn't the typical 'one trick pony' traffic ebooks that you probably already have on your hard drive. The title of Ross Goldberg's book is Traffic Masters 2007, and if you study the methods in this book you will be a traffic master in 2007.

Traffic Masters 2007

The next resource is two mp3 audios that you can download and listen to on your PC or your iPod. I am listening to this again right now while I type this message to you.

But first a warning! The information in these audios might be considered "black hat". That means that the techniques are aggressive, a little shady and not for everyone.

If you are a lily white, "white hat" traffic marketer, this is NOT for you. I don't want to offend anyone. But if you want to earn how to leverage the power of Web 2.0 (social networks, bookmarking
sites) to bring new traffic to your websites you will be excited to get your hands (ears) around these Web 2.0 Secrets audios.

Web 2.0 Secrets

The first 30 min audio is free, and the other, over 1 hr, is available for a small fee. Well worth it, don't pass it up.

If you really want to increase your web traffic in 2007 you need to grab these two traffic tools today.

Have a great day,
Stephen Ayer


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